"Following Jesus together, leading others to HIM"

Grace is a small, vibrant, caring congregation of Lutheran Christians in Atlanta, Georgia, located in the Virginia Highland and Morningside neighborhoods, east of downtown Atlanta.

Established in 1922, Grace is the oldest Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregation in Georgia. Considered the mother church of Missouri Synod Lutherans in Atlanta, 14 of the area congregations were born out of Grace’s commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations. Today, Grace continues to be energized and directed by its historic commitment to Christ’s commission to make disciples.

Divine Service - Back Online

As of July 12, Grace has suspended outdoor Divine services.  We will be offering time slots for private Communion in addition to our virtual activities.  Please click here to sign up, or email Pastor to set up a time outside this schedule.  Please check our Facebook page for updates throughout the week.

The weekly service and sermon video will be posted to our YouTube channel on Sunday.

Sunday morning Bible study will be held via Zoom at 11 AM.

Zoom will be used for Wednesday evening and Sunday morning Bible studies.  Please check our Facebook feed for additional details.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Mission

As a community of God’s disciples, Grace Lutheran Church is called to lead people to Jesus that together we may follow him through death and into resurrected life, beginning now and for eternity.

Weekly Service

Looking for a friendly church to call home? Share in worship with us on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM. Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday.

Event Calendar

Community events are popular at Grace and include social outings to our favorite local restaurants and festivals to fundraising events where we join together as a team for a great cause. Join us!

Give to Grace

We have several ways for you to contribute to our missions, fundraising causes and the overall maintenance and mission of Grace Lutheran Church.

Statement of Faith

With the universal Christian Church, The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod teaches and responds to the love of the Triune God: the Father, creator of all that exists; Jesus Christ, the Son, who became human to suffer and die for the sins of all human beings and to rise to life again in the ultimate victory over death and Satan; and the Holy Spirit, who creates faith through God's Word and Sacraments. The three persons of the Trinity are coequal and coeternal, one God.  The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Belief and Practice

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