Oldest in Georgia

Established in 1922, Grace is the oldest Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregation in Georgia. Considered the mother church of Missouri Synod Lutherans in Atlanta, 14 of the area congregations were born out of Grace’s commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations. Today, Grace continues to be energized and directed by its historic commitment to Christ’s commission to make disciples.

Celebration Events: Past, Present, and Future

Past - Sunday, March 20

We will have a picnic in Grant Park, which was the original location of the Grace congregation.  We will visit the original site.

Present - Sunday, June 12

We will hold an Open House after worship at the church.

Future - Saturday, September 10

We will conduct a service event with our sister mission organization ANSA, All Nations Society of Atlanta.

Saturday, December 3

Dinner Celebration.

Stay Updated

Visit our events calendar to see more information as we get closer to each event.

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